The Network is All of Us

The Neighborhood Network is in the middle of our end of the year fundraising appeal. We need money to mount next year’s educational and legislative campaigns. However, we also need your ideas, your action, and your enthusiasm. We need experts, authors and opinion leaders to interview for our weekly radio show. We need activists to write for our blog. We need volunteers and interns to help keep our website and Facebook page up to date. We need everyone to tell all their friends about us, to grow our lists of contacts, friends, supporters and members so we can reach more people with our message, bring more allies to the fight to protect Long Island’s environment, and have more clout when talking to elected officials.
To create a real movement to protect Long Island’s environment, the Neighborhood Network can’t just be the few people who are working in the office, the Neighborhood Network must be all of us. Contact us at if you want to help.
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