Campaign Kick-off

The Neighborhood Network is kicking off our campaign for State-wide legislation banning the use of toxic pesticides for aesthetic purposes on turf and ornamental plants. On Thursday, December 30, at 12:00 noon, outside the Wild by Nature in Huntington, we will join with the organization Millions of Voters to begin a petition drive calling for this ban.

We don’t believe the use of poisons that can harm our health, our families, our drinking water and the environment is justified for keeping weeds out of lawns and insects out of flowerbeds. The risk associated with these pesticides is unacceptable, because safer, effective organic methods and low-risk materials are available. If you agree, join us there, bring a sign and demonstrate with us, sign the petition and make your voice heard. If you can’t make it, write your State Legislators.

Here are some of the pesticides used for turf care and the health effects associated with them:

  • 2,4-D (herbicide) — demonstrated carcinogen, reproductive effects, nerve toxin, birth defects.
  • Atrazine (herbicide) — possible human carcinogen, nerve toxin.
  • Dicamba (herbicide) — reproductive effects, nerve toxin, can cause severe, permanent damage to eyes.
  • Chlorothalonil (fungicide) — likely carcinogen, reproductive effects, nerve toxin.

Source of health effects info: Extoxnet, BeyondPesticides/NCAMP compilation from EPA data

Wild by Nature is located in Huntington at 369 West Main Street. Click for directions.

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