The Network is All of Us

The Neighborhood Network is in the middle of our end of the year fundraising appeal. We need money to mount next year’s educational and legislative campaigns. However, we also need your ideas, your action, and your enthusiasm. We need experts, authors and opinion leaders to interview for our weekly radio show. We need activists to write for our blog. We need volunteers and interns to help keep our website and Facebook page up to date. We need everyone to tell all their friends about us, to grow our lists of contacts, friends, supporters and members so we can reach more people with our message, bring more allies to the fight to protect Long Island’s environment, and have more clout when talking to elected officials.
To create a real movement to protect Long Island’s environment, the Neighborhood Network can’t just be the few people who are working in the office, the Neighborhood Network must be all of us. Contact us at if you want to help.
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Neighborhood Network Radio – Food Choices

Andrew, Beth and Demo talk about the environmental and health consequences of food choices. Find out why we are all strict vegetarians/vegans.

Originally broadcast 11/27/10.

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Neighborhood Network Radio – Green Gifts

Andrew and Beth visit Greener Country, and talk with proprietor Robert Meinke about environmentally themed gifts for the holidays. You can also find some great books and videos for the environmentalists in your life at the Neighborhood Network online store:

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Neighborhood Network Radio – Saving Energy

In this episode, Andrew, Beth and Demo discuss consumer choices, tips and simple practices to reduce your energy use, bills, and your carbon footprint.

Originally broadcast on WEER 88.7 FM, September 29, 2010.

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Neighborhood Network Radio – Winterize Your Home

In this episode, Andrew talks with Tom Baccaralla of the New York Building Technology Group about inexpensive, common-sense ways to make your home more energy efficient. Save money, save energy and be more comfortable this winter.

Link to the show, originally broadcast November 10, 2010

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Neighborhood Network Radio – Show 2

In the second Neighborhood Network Radio show on WEER 88.7 FM, Andrew and Beth continue discussing ways to avoid toxins and make environmentally preferable choices when shopping for household products.

Link to show 2, originally broadcast September 22, 2010.

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This Year in Albany

For the 2010 legislative session in Albany there are two very different stories to tell on environmental policy. One very good, and the other pretty bad.

On the good side, more positive environmental and public health legislation became law than any other year I can recall in 20 years of working on environmental issues.

Some very important bills that were passed and signed into law:

  • Pesticide Restrictions at Schools & Daycare Centers
  • Smart Growth Infrastructure
  • Electronic Waste Recycling
  • Ultra low sulfur heating oil requirement
  • Net metering fix
  • Phosphorus Reduction
  • Ban on BPA in products for infants

The major reason for much of this success was the fact that for the first time in many decades one party controlled both houses of the NY State Legislature and the Governor’s office. Much of the gridlock (but not all) that had been a way of life in Albany was eliminated, or at least greatly reduced.

In addition, the DEC has moved to enforce a more than 30 year old law requiring manufacturers to disclose the ingredients and possible health effects of cleaning products.

The bad side has mostly to do with money.

  • Funding was cut from the New York State Environmental Protection Fund by almost 40%
  • DEC funding was cut almost 14%
  • Parks funding cut 15%
  • DEC Commissioner Grannis was fired after a his memo detailing the impacts of layoffs off over 200 employees was leaked to the press.

The economic crisis has hit NewYork hard, and cuts have been made in many important programs. Unfortunately, the harm to the environment that occurs when these programs are cut can be substantial, and long lasting, or even permanent.

Some good environmental legislation was stalled as well:

  • Amendment to energy conservation construction code to require higher standards and third party verification of new home energy performance.
  • Fix of PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy financing) legislation passed last year, to allow sustainable funding sources for these programs.

The failure of these laws to get passed has more to do with the relatively low priority that environmental and energy legislation often get in Albany. These bills would have benefitted greatly from greater involvement and leadership from the Governor’s office. However, the ongoing budget battle consumed much of the Governor’s and the Legislature’s attention for much of the session. The energy conservation construction code amendment in particular was harmed by a competing bill from the Governor’s office that was advanced very late in the legislative session, and the lack of interest from the Governor’s office in working to reconcile the two bills.

What can we do about it?

  • Find out about the environmental positions and record of the candidates running for office.
  • Vote for the candidate who’s record and positions match your concern for the environment.
  • Let your elected officials know that the environment is important to you, and their performance on those issues influence your vote.
  • Help us build an environmental movement on Long Island!
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Neighborhood Network Radio – Show 1

We’ve been doing a show for WEER 88.7 FM - Hamptons Community Radio for a few weeks now. It’s on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.

Since most of our members and supporters aren’t in range of the broadcast. We’ll be podcasting the shows here.

Here’s the link for the first show, broadcast Sep. 8, 2010.

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Welcome everyone

Welcome to the Neighborhood Network’s blog. Our goal is to educate Long Islanders about sustainable solutions to our pressing environmental problems, and to help create a strong, vibrant environmental community and movement here on Long Island.

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