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Energy Efficiency
The Neighborhood network has launched the Clean Energy Leadership Task Force, to work with municipalities to transform local government buildings and vehicle fleets to clean energy technologies...Off shore wind turbines could supply a significant portion of Long Island's electricity needs...By changing to compact fluorescence the average consumer can save 50-80% in their lighting energy costs... Ditch that SUV and get a new hybrid car

Pesticides and Alternatives
The Long Island Neighborhood Network helped to enact a first-in-the-nation Neighbor Notification of Pesticide Spraying. Find out how this law requires you to be notified BEFORE pesticides are commercially sprayed ...  Want to have a truly "green" lawn? Learn how here...

Environmental Stewardship
The Neighborhood Network is helping a group of Massapequa residents to enhance appreciation of the 423 acres of woodlands, ponds, and freshwater wetlands known as the Massapequa Preserve.

Organic Landscapers
Neighborhood Network has compiled a list of Organic Landscapers that we promote to combat the unrelenting barrage of advertisements from the chemical pesticide industry. These business agree to meet standards developed to provide safe, non-toxic, organic methods of lawn and tree care.

Government Reform
Grass root democracy -- the Neighborhood Network, helped to organize a campaign to institute council districts, in which each board member is elected from the district in which he or she lives.
Smart Growth
Smart Growth promotes revitalizing downtowns, encouraging safe and secure neighborhoods, and creating suitable economic activity in commercial districts.

Nassau Hub
Nassau County has begun a federally funded Major Investment Study (MIS) to look at future development and transit options for heart of central Nassau. The Nassau Hub Citizens Advisory Committee, is working to ensure that the Nassau Hub is developed using "Smart Growth" principles. 
Organic Golf
Neighborhood Network's strategy of promoting organic golf courses has involved legal challenges. One such lawsuit against Suffolk County was successful and resulted in a settlement to build 2 organically maintained golf courses in Yaphank, NY.

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